Glenn-Adamson Headshot: We Will Rock You

Glenn Adamson


Glenn trained at LIPA.

Career Highlights

Stage Credits: Strat in Bat Out of Hell (UK & International Tour); Theo in American Idiot (UK & International Tour); Terry in Secret Love: The Doris Day Story (UK Tour); Rowan in Sleeping Beauty (Gordon Craig Theatre); Ensemble in The Producers (Gordon Craig Theatre); McGregor in Where is Peter Rabbit? (Old Laundry Theatre/Theatre Royal); Freddie in Rapunzel (Gordon Craig Theatre); Billy in Little Voice (Union Theatre); Romeo in Romeo & Juliet (Liverpool Unity Theatre); Man in Songs For A New World (Bridewell Theatre); Aladdin (The Mercury Theatre); Ross in Departure Lounge (Unity Theatre).

Whilst training Glenn was the LIPA Stephen Sondheim Student Performer of the Year.

Last updated: 11th April 2023